The Earth Care Awards seeks to identify and foster actions across several sectors with special reference to mitigation and adaptation imperatives related to climate change.  This is in response to the growing consciousness on climate impacts and need to identify and foster locally evolved responses. ECA focuses on responses generated from South Asian region, primarily SAARC region. <p>
This is in recognition to the reality of change and the nature of vulnerability and impact the region faces. The region shares common challenges with high levels of poverty, depleting natural resources and increasing uncertainty to monsoon and frequency of natural disasters along with stress and conflicts on resources availability. <p>
The awards reflect the need to recognize, strengthen and foster initiatives on mitigation and adaptation in the region. The objective is to reduce emissions, adopt approaches to protect natural resources and promote innovations for reducing impacts, emphasizing appropriate environmental action. <p>
The ECA recognizes these initiatives and undertakes extensive networking with stakeholders, conducts due diligence, develops field assessment and strengthens capabilities through knowledge sharing.

Source : © 2014, Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

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