The Disaster Risk Programme aims at contributing towards the social, economic and developmental goals of the National Government and enabling State Governments to minimize loss of development gains from natural disasters and reduce vulnerability. It demonstrates a sustainable model for mainstreaming of disaster risk management at all levels with focus on district and community level activities. Creating awareness is most challenging, when dealing with a multi-lingual, multi-cultural population with varying levels of literacy. However in doing so it is crucial for strengthening the capacity by improving infrastructure and providing trainings to people, and finally marshalling resources of every kind to cope with natural or human-induced hazards and to prevent them from turning into disasters. In the pursuit of this objective, a steering committee was constituted at the national level by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI, with representation of experts from a diverse stream of communication including advertising and media. Under the GOI-UNDP DRM Programme, the states have evolved specific awareness campaign strategies involving multiple media. Some of the initiatives have been fairly intensive. Foremost amongst these, have been the observation of Disaster Preparedness month in Delhi and Chetna initiative in Bihar
Source : ASDMA

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