Forest Fire Risk Zonation Mapping Using Geomatics In Andhra Pradesh

Forests are very valuable natural and renewable resource and it is difficult to understand its diverse topographic, climatic, socio-economic and cultural aspects and its role in making the environment healthy. Forest Fire is one of the major destructive elements and causes enormous damage to biotic resources, the regeneration and productive capacity of the forest and wild life habitat. Protection of forests from fire requires lot of money and effort. Conventionally identifying the Forest Fire Prone areas was based on knowledge and experience of the Foresters and this was used in Forest Fire protection measures like construction of watch towers, cutting and maintaining of fire lines, engaging fire watchers and taking the help of surrounding villagers etc. But of late increase in biotic interference in the forests and drastic climatic changes resulting in low rainfall has increased the incidence of fire. Conventional methods are not adequate in providing information on forest fire prone areas and mitigating the fire hazard. Lack of scientific approach in delineating priority areas for fires has caused immense damage to the national economy . The study of causes and sources of damage and the measures required, which involves multiple geographical factors, was almost impossible using conventional methods. 

Source : ASDMA

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