Landslide sites and the results of related geotechnical investigations are reported as case studies to highlight the types and characteristics of landslides within the study area, the methods of investigation employed, the remedial measures proposed and installed, and, where applicable, the effectiveness of these remedial approaches. Three areas or sites of land instability are discussed in this chapter as case studies. One of these landslide areas actually includes three individual landslide sites. These sites have been selected as case study examples on the basis of numerous factors including; geographic, topographic and geological setting, the volume of the landslide, extent and availability of data, and the current status of the site. In north to south order these case study landslide sites are; •The Scarborough Landslide suite, comprising Sites 63, 64 and 65, •The Morrison Avenue Landslide, Coledale, Site 77, and •The Wonoona Heights Landslide, Site 134.
Source : asdma

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