Lifelines Education Mobile Query System, March 2011

In September 2008, school teachers in Rajasthan were presented a new concept in education support services – one that was delivered through the medium of mobile phone. This was LifeLines Education – a collaborative initiative of the Government of Rajasthan ICT-for-development organization, OneWorld - to bring critical academic advisory and support to school teachers. The programme assists educators in their day activities by supplementing their information and enhancing their skills through ICT-facilitated knowledge provision.  

LifeLines Education service was born out of a digital inclusion dream of OneWorld, BT and Cisco Systems, and is an adaptation of the successful LifeLines Agriculture service similarly serves over 1.5 lakh farmers across 2000 villages in three states of India. 
The LifeLines Education service successfully tested its proof of concept with a pilot in West Bengal supported by USAID. The service was thereafter adopted by the Government of Rajasthan and supported by UNICEF, for implementation in the State. 

Source : OneWorld Foundation India

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