Sugarcane Information System

Sugarcane Information System (SIS) is the largest rural information technology platform in the country providing a comprehensive solution to all the needs of sugarcane farmers. Around 29 lakh farmers and their families’ livelihood activities thrive on sugarcane production, and there are 125 sugar mills, in total, operating in the state. The efficiency of sugar mills also depend on interactions such as supply tickets, purchase and payments between farmers, societies and sugar mills. SIS fills communication gap to prevent loss to farmers and acts as a linkage between sugar mill and farmer interactions through three tools: a) Website b) Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Query (SMS) c) Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS. In addition, there are hand held computers at each of 7000 purchase centres. The three kinds of services are
provided free of cost to all farmers. SIS has so far resulted in an annual profit of Rs 850 crores for farmers and sugar mills Rs 700 crores as per the impact study of the last two years. SIS won the gold award at the 15th National Conference on e-governance in 2012 for its exemplary service to the sugarcane farming community in Uttar Pradesh.

Source : OneWorld Foundation India

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