Construction and Demolition Waste management in United Kingdom V2 – September 2015 (revised 27/1/16)

In 2012, 100.23 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste (CDW) was generated in the UK.  This represents a 2% decrease compared to 2010 (102.23 million tonnes), but only a 0.8% decrease compared to 2008 (101 million tonnes).   The amount of non-hazardous CDW excluding excavation in 2012 was 44.8 million tonnes, of which 38.8 million tonnes was recovered. This represents a recovery rate of 86.5%.  UK estimates for recovery rate from non-hazardous CDW have been calculated in accordance with the EC Waste Framework Directive.  Accurately quantifying CDW is challenging and whilst the absolute tonnage figures are subject to a relatively high level of uncertainty, sensitivity analysis suggests there is not a significant impact on the final recovery rate. In the UK, CDW data is collected on a yearly basis. This is collected through the environmental protection agencies using waste management data from licensed waste management facilities as well as other sources such as industry data related to recycled aggregates. This may also be supplemented by surveys. Whilst efforts were made to synchronise approaches across UK countries, methodologies are not identical. Methodologies are in the process of review across all UK countries. Within the UK, some CDW is transferred across borders for treatment, primarily into England. This effect may slightly inflate the England recovery rate.
Source : CDW UK

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