Water Management- Conference, Seminars, Workshops

 1. Third International Postgraduate Course in Hydrometeorology 11 April to 19 May 1994, Tel Aviv, Israel Areas covered included: Hands on experience on water conservation practices in Israel, crop production and hydrologic modeling exercises among other lectures 2. 7 th International Advanced Course in river flow forecasting 10 April to 23 June 1997, Department of Engineering Hydrology, University College, Galway, Ireland The work program focused on river flow forecasting modeling exercises using country data. Some of the hydrologic models used in WMO inter-comparison studies were tested. 3. Training of Trainers Course in Hydrology, 13 September to 4 October 1998, IHE, Delft, The Netherlands The work program focused on curriculum development and efficient methods to deliver lectures in hydrology. During the program, I developed a curriculum on hydrologic modeling. 4. Meteosat Second Generation- Eumetsat Polar system course (MEC-IVE) Institute for meteorological Training and Research (I.M.T.R), Nairobi, 6th June-10th November, 2000 5. Hydata Workshop 20-24 May 2001, IMTR, Kenya Meteorological Department, Nairobi, Kenya. This is an annual workshop since the last ten years and offers training on the use of a Hydrological database (Hydata) for efficient use and management of hydrological data. I have participated for the last ten years. 6. The second workshop on image analysis and remote sensing techniques 21st -31st January 2002
Source : ASDMA

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