Book Review of “Adaptation to Climate Change: From Resilience to Transformation

This book aims to provide “the first comprehensive analysis of the social dimensions of climate change adaptation” (p. 1). It is intentionally written in an engaging and easy reading style, mainly intended for students interested in issues of development, climate change or geography. This is understandable, considering that Pelling is a Professor of Geography at the King’s College London. This book is part of Pelling’s series of books on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) topics, such as The Vulnerability of Cities: Natural Disasters and Social Resilience (Pelling, 2003b), Natural Disaster and Development in a Globalizing World (Pelling, 2003a), and Disaster Risk Reduction: Cases from Urban Africa (Pelling and Wisner, 2008).
Source : ASDMA

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