This session intends to discuss the status of hazards, vulnerabilities and historical overview of disaster occurrences in the district, municipality or commune. The session will be organized in a discussion manner. A district, municipality or commune might be exposed to a range of natural or man-made hazards. The communities, their livelihoods, local economy and infrastructure and the environment might be exposed to multiple risks from such hazards. Natural hazards may include typhoons, floods, droughts, fires (forest and urban fires), avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. Man-made hazards include social conflicts, industrial and chemical hazards, road and air accidents, nuclear accidents, environmental pollution etc. Different hazards have diverse impact upon the people, their livelihoods, environment and economy and infrastructure. It is important to understand the kind of impact a hazard can have upon the communities in the locality.
Source : Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
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