The Expert Group emphasized that water is a key resource for all econmic sectors which increasingly ust compete for this scarce commodity. Therefore, every effort must be taken to moblize personnel, facilities, financial resources and the application of new practices and technologies to facilitate the efficient and effective use of all types of water (freshwater, brackish, saline, wastewater) in agriculture. An integrated and comprehensive approach  is esential for allocation and management both for water quantity and quality.

Use of wastewater in agriculture has substabtial benefits in the Region. However, substabtial change in practices are required to safeguard public health and the health of agricultural workers, to ensure efficient water use, and to control salinity and off-site water pollution.

Protection of water quality is multi-jurisdictional issue, however national water programmes suffer from lack of policy focus for water quality. Modernization of water quality policies and programmes are required to prevent institutional and policy failure, and to ensure effective delivery of data programmes that have benefit to agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

Source : ASDMA

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