Case Study: Gujarat Earthquake

A Powerful Earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on Richter-Scale rocked the Western Indian State of Gujarat on the 26th of January, 2001. It caused extensive damage to life & property. This earthquake was so devastating in its scale and suffering that the likes of it had not been experienced in past 50 years. Leaving thousands seriously injured, bruised and handicapped; both physically, psychologically and economically.   The  epicenter of the quake was located at 23.6 north Latitude and 69.8 east Longitude, about 20 km Northeast of Bhuj Town of the Kutch district in Western Gujarat. At a depth of only 23 kms below surface this quake generated intense shaking which was felt in 70% region of India and far beyond in neighbouring Pakistan and Nepal too. This was followed by intense after shocks that became a continued source of anxiety for the populace. 
Source : ASDMA

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