Assessment of Environmental Degradation and Impact of Hydroelectric projects during the June 2013 Disaster in Uttarakhan

         Uttarakhand is India's newest Himalayan state. Here altitude is the principal determining factor for natural processes and human activities. Rapid changes in altitutde across short distances, leading to tremendous variations in climate, have generated a profusion of geological, geographical, biological and cultural diversities in the state. Wilderness, its most special 'niche' resource, bestows natural beauty and tranquility. Little wonder then that Uttarakhand, is locally known as DEv Bhoomi, the land of important pilgrimage centres fro Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. India's national river Ganga, which hlds special emotional, spiritual and cultural significance for Indians across the world, originates in Uttarakhand.
Source : ASDMA

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