Cattle  rearing  has  been  a  traditional livelihood  in  India  and  is  closely  linked  to agricultural economy.  India with about 199 million cattle (as per 18th Livestock Census 2007)  has 14.5%  of  the world  cattle  population.  Of  this, 83% i.e.  166 million  are indigenous. Most of the indigenous cattle (about 80%) are nondescript and only 20%  belong to Indigenous Breeds recognized by National Bureau of Genetic Resources.<p>
The  cattle  genetic  resource  of  India  isrepresented  by  37  well  recognized Indigenous  Breeds.   Indigenous  cattle,  in  India,  are  robust  and  resilient  and  are particularly  suited  to  the  climate  and  environment  of  their  respective  breeding  tracts.
They are endowed with qualities of heat tolerance, resistance to diseases and the ability to thrive under extreme climatic stress and less than optimal nutrition.

Source : 1 RASHTRIYA GOKUL MISSION Government of India Ministry of Agriculture Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries

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