Guidelines on The National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility

India is the third largest producer and consumer of fertilizers in the world, after China and USA.  It accounts for 12.2% of the world's production of nitrogenous (N) and phosphatic (P) nutrients and 12.6% of the world's consumption of NP & K (Potash) nutrients. However, India's consumption of nutrients per hectare (112.3 kg/ha of arable land in 2006-07) was marginally above the world average of 101 kg/ha (2004-05) and lower than consumption of these nutrients by most of the developing countries, including neighbouring countries like China (277.7kg/ha), Bangladesh (177.5kg/ha), Sri Lanka (310.3 kg/ha) and Pakistan (138.9 kg/ha).

Source : ASDMA

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