Disaster Management Plan of Soil Conservation Department




          Detailed soil data (physical, biological, chemical and microbial) based on effective soil testing are pre- requisites for all lands under both rain-fed and irrigated agriculture to address the issues related to soil health.

Central and State Land Use Boards should be reorganized and empowered to lead this work.

Every  farm  family should be issued with a Soil Health Passbook, which contains integrated information on the physics, chemistry and microbiology of the soils on their farm.

More laboratories to detect specific micronutrient deficiencies in soils are urgently needed.

Soil organic matter content will have to be increased by incorporating crop residues in the soil. Proper technical advice on the reclamation of wastelands and on improving their biological potential should be available.

Pricing policies should promote a balanced and efficient use of fertilizers.

Source : ASDMA

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