Ethiopia has a goal of becoming a middle income country and development of the road transport system will play a vital role in this.  However, the current experience of middle income countries is that their road transport systems are unable to safely cope with rapid motorisation and population growth.  These trends are impacting upon Ethiopia, and a new approach to managing safety on our roads is needed.
A critical step in this new approach is to address the institutional road safety management functions which will shape effective interventions that improve the safety of all Ethiopians who depend on and use our roads.  This management framework for the National Road Traffic Safety Council, and the Office through which it operates, will help strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of the Council. As the lead agency for road safety in Ethiopia, we are committed to working with our road safety partners both inside and outside Federal Government, and implementing this framework.  I would like to thank the Africa Transport Policy Program for their collaboration in preparing this road safety management framework, and their commitment to this critical health issue in Africa.

Source : Africa Transport Policy Program

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