The National Action Plan for Municipal Solid Waste Management

The fact is that Indian cities and towns are found littered with garbage (MSW) and represent an ugly look at many places within the city/town. In most of the towns/cities, only important locations are maintained cleanliness leaving other places  chocking  with  uncollected  waste.  The  collected  wastes are  disposed on  un-attended  land-fills;   and  it  is a    long-way to  see  that  the  entire  waste  collected by a city or town is processed and only remnants disposed in landfill. In fact, remnants classified as “inert / non-recyclable have to be converted into other useable product so to realize the vision and mission of achieving ‘Zero’ landfilling. <p> Drawing  of  time-targeted  action  plan  for  management  of  MSW  by  each  city  and  town  is  essential  against  the  population  and  developmental  growth,  otherwise, with  the  increasing  quantity  of  waste  will  lead  to un-healthy environmental conditions.  

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