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    Armed Forces In Disaster Response: Role Reprisal

    Article by Col A Raj regarding role of armed forces in Disaster management

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    Integrated Flood Water Management And Spatial Information :case Study Done In Netherlands And India

    This paper has been peer reviewed in doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-8-147-2014

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  • 1449751786

    Sendai Framework For Disaster Risk Reduction :2015-2030

    This is a Successor to the HFA-2005-2015. The Sendai Framework gives a strong emphasis on disaster risk management as opposed to disaster m

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    Hyogo Framework For Action For Nations 2005-2015: Building Resilience Of Nations And Communities To Disasters

    Hyogo Framework for Action for nations 2005-2015: building resilience of Nations and Communities to disasters

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    Disaster Management In India: Factors Impeding Capacity Building

    Disaster management in India: factors impeding Capacity Building

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    Legislation And Disaster Risk Management At Community Level 1- A Case Study In Nepal

    Legislation and Disaster Risk Management at Community Level 1- a case Study in Nepal

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    Disaster Management : Towards A Legal Framework By Alex P.joseph Of West Bengal National University Of Judicial Sciences

    Disaster Management : towards a legal Framework by Alex P.Joseph of West Bengal National University of Judicial Sciences

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    20 Examples Of Good Practices Of Disaster Risk Reduction From Several Countries From Central Asia

    20 examples of good practices of Disaster Risk reduction from several countries from central Asia

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