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Impact Evaluation/Research Studies

  • 1491563794

    Sustainable Agricultural Practices And Agricultural Productivity In Ethiopia

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  • 1485495435

    Assessment Of Environmental Degradation And Impact Of Hydroelectric Projects During The June 2013 Disaster In Uttarakhan

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  • 1485499339

    The Long-term Impact Of The 1995 Hanshină˘â‚¬â€śawaji Earthquake On Wage Distribution

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  • 1491557772

    Soil Health Impacts Of Cover Crops

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  • 1485761195

    Status Of Waste Management In Urban & Rural Areas

    Urban, Rural & Built Environment

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  • 1485506346

    Monitoring Ambient Air Quality For Health Impact Assessment

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  • 1485508983

    Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings During The August 17, 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake, And Seismic Design And Construction Practise In Turkey

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  • 1485345220

    Effect Of Design And Detailing Deficiencies On Seismic Performance And Vulnerability Of Indian Rc Frame Building

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  • 1491546952

    Assessing The Economic Impacts Of Drought From The Perspective Of Profit Loss Rate: A Case Study Of The Sugar Industry In China

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  • 1491546409

    An Impact Evaluation Of Shakeout, An Earthquake And Tsunami Drill In Two Coastal Washington State School Districts

    GNS Science Report 2013/19May

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