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  • 1485778213

    Endless Misery Of Nimble Fingers: The Rana Plaza Disaster

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  • 1488350087

    Waste Management Initiatives In India For Human Well Being

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  • 1488359922

    On The Way To A Circular Economy Uk Waste Sector Report

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  • 1488375287

    Global Report On Human Settlements 2009: Planning Sustainable Cities

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  • 1488375624

    Urban Transition Labs: Co-creating Transformative Action For Sustainable Cities

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  • 1488801837

    Developing Clean And Green Technologies To Combat Climate Change. Designing An Innovation System To Stimulate Industry R&d. Implementing Inclusive Innovation Initiatives To Enhance Productivity In Agriculture And The Informal Sector


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  • 1488849644

    U.n. Sasakawa Award For Disaster Reduction

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  • 1485771297

    Climate Change And Livelihood Problem Of Fishing Communities Who Are Living In Largest Wetland Of Assam Named As Sone Beel

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  • 1485839904

    Landslide Hazard Mitigation In The Nilgiris District, India – Environmental And Societal Issues

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  • 1485865762

    International Journal Of Health Geographics

    Spatiotemporal modelling and mapping of the bubonic plague epidemic in India

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