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  • 1485772182

    Wetlands And Global Climate Change: The Role Of Wetland Restoration In A Changing World

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  • 1485946362

    Drought Disaster Challenges And Mitigation In India: Strategic Appraisal

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  • 1475768344

    Eco System Services For Disaster Risk Reduction : A Case Studyb Of Wetlands In East Delhi Region

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  • 1475768268

    Land Use Land Cover Changes In Context Of Floods:a Case Study Of Sept 2010 Flood Affected Villages Of Delhi

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  • 1475768145

    Soil Erosion Vulnerability Of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve,meghalaya By Using Gis

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  • 1475767975

    Wetlands And Global Climate Change: Role Of Wetland Restoration In A Changing World

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  • 1475767779

    Everyday Realities Of Climate Change In Mozambique

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  • 1454140017

    Climate Change And Livelihood Problem Of Fishing Communities Of Assam Who Are Living In The Largest Wetland Of Assam Known As Sone Beel

    this paper from the deptt of Sociology Assam highlights how the people of the Sone beel wetland region are coping with the climate change ef

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  • 1449752608

    Disaster Management In India: A New Awakening

    A very comprehensive overview of DM by RK Bhanadari. Includes list of districts in India vulnerable to different types of Disasters

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