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  • 1483021710

    National Action Plan On Climate Change

    Government of India

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  • 1483021487

    Assam State Action Plan On Climate Change (2015-2020)

    Draft Report September 2015

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  • 1475768919

    Adpc Handbook On Integrating Drm Into Climate Change Adaptation

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  • 1475767975

    Wetlands And Global Climate Change: Role Of Wetland Restoration In A Changing World

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  • 1475767779

    Everyday Realities Of Climate Change In Mozambique

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  • 1475766651

    Stories Of Impact- Adressing Climate Risks In Sri Lanka

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  • 1475766022

    Disaster Risk Reduction And Climate Change Adoption: Development Case Study Who-undp Collaboration On Improving Hospital Safety In Tajikistan

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  • 1475764835

    Good Practices For Disaster Risk Reduction And Climate Change Adaptation For Rainfed And Upland Agro Ecological

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  • Ad Hoc Working Group On The Durban Platform For Enhanced Action (adp) Bonn Climate Change

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  • 1453976898

    Adaptation To Climate Change: From Resilience To Transfomation By Mark Pallante

    eviewd by R. Djalante Deptt of Environment and Geography,University of Macquarie, Australia

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