Landslide Hazard Mitigation in the Nilgiris District, India – Environmental and Societal Issues

Landslides are one of the common most problems globally and India as well. The Indian hill masses are prone to landslides from low hazard to severe landslide hazard. The Nilgiris district situated in the southern part of India on the Western Ghats is prone to High to Severe Landslide Hazard. In recent past the occurrence of landslides in Nilgiris are increased. The historical landslide inventory analysis of this area clearly reveals that the future landslide occurrence in the district is multifold and disastrous. Many researchers quantified the landslide hazard and risk in these areas, however there is no much studies landslide hazard mitigation planning, environmental and societal related issues. Also the recent numerous landslides/landslip in November 2009 taught a lesson and create need and urgency to address these issues. In this connection the existing landslide hazard scenario, the initiation made on landslide hazard mitigation in the district, the feasibility of cost effective technology for slope stabilization, environmental and societal issues need to be addressed for the Nilgiris district were studied and recommendation were given to over come these issues.  The present study can be useful information to the environmental scientists, planners and policy makers in landslide hazard mitigation practices in the Nilgiri district. 

Source : ASDMA

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