National Road Safety Policy

The  Government  constituted  a  Committee  under  the  Chairmanship  of  Shri  S.  Sundar, 
Former Secretary (MoST) in the year 2005 to deliberate and make recommendations on
creation  of  a  dedicated  body  on  road  safety  and  traffic  management.  The  Committee 
was  also  subsequently  requested  to  finalise  a  draft  National  Road  Safety  Policy  for 
consideration   of   the   Government.   The   Committee   while   submitting   its   report   in  
February, 2007 inter alia, recommended a draft National Road Safety Policy. 
Based   on   the   recommendations   of      Sunder   Committee,   the   Union   Cabinet   on  
15.03.2010  approved  National  Road  Safety  Policy.  The  National  Road  Safety  Policy 
outlines  the  policy  initiatives  to  be  framed  /  taken  by  the  Government  at  all  levels  to 
improve the road safety activities in the country.

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