1. What is this portal for ?
    This is a repository of knowledge pertaining to Disaster: Prevention, Mitigation, Response, Relief and Rehabilitation.

    We allow intellectuals in the domain of disaster study and management including the community to share the tacit knowledge it has about the makings of and threats from disasters and shared the knowledge it should have to cope with them effectively

    To seek out the best possible institutional answers to the challenges we are faced with:
    1. How do various natural and man-made disasters impact us and what kind of challenges they throw up?
    2. Are we fully prepared to prevent or mitigate the threats posed by them?
    3. Have we really been responding to them in the best possible manner?
    4. Have our efforts at relief and rehabilitation been scientifically envisioned, meticulously crafted and adroitly executed?
    5. Thre are many more questions that appear before us...
  2. Have we been able to create a cadre of well-informed functionaries at all the echelons?
    This initiative is to create a basic knowledgebase, share amongst us and practice drills in the community.
  3. Do we still have a command-driven response system or standardised protocol-driven system?
    The aim is to achieve a standardised protocol and not just wait for commands.
  4. Can I contribute to the repository?

    We welcome documents related to disaster and mitigation. Abstract of original research papers and other articles are considered for display once it passes through our approval team.

    In order to contribute , you should request for login credentials. Once provided you can upload documents in the admin area for approval. Once approved, it will get displayed in appropriate section.