"The final and most important sign that we are succeeding will be the term ‘green’ blessedly disappears.<p>
There will be no such thing as a green building, a green car, a green home, a green appliance, a green window, or even green energy. All of those things will simply be the norm, because the ecosystem of prices, regulations and performance standards will demand it.
Therefore, you won’t legally or financially be able to build anything that isn’t green — anything that doesn’t have the highest performance standards for energy efficiency and clean power designed in it from inception. Every new car will be green, every new office building will be green, every new home will be green, every new appliance will be green. Green will be the standard. It will be the new normal — nothing else will be available, nothing else will be possible.” <br>Thomas L. Friedman, Hot, Flat and Crowded

Source : Responsive Industries Limited and Axiom Cordages Limited

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