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  • 1485497072

    The Role Of Ecosystems In Disaster Risk Reduction

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  • 1485497234

    Review Comments On The ˜handbook“ Integrating Drm In Urban Planning

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  • 1485497404

    Review Comments On The Handbook Integrating Disaster Risk Management Into Climate Change Adaptation.

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  • 1485496986

    Book Review Of Adaptation To Climate Change: From Resilience To Transformation

    Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

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  • 1485496916

    Disasters, Strengthening Community Mitigation & Preparedness

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  • 1485498115

    Climate Change Impacts In India: Studies From Selected River Basins

    A new book by Bioforsk (the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research) and the International Water Management Institut

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  • 1485520273

    Urban Air Pollution And Climate Change As Environmental Risk Factors Of Respiratory Allergy: An Update

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  • 1491476180

    Review Of Book: Disasters, Strengthening Community Mitigation & Preparedness By B K Khanna & N Khanna (new India Publishing Agency, New Delhi) 2011,

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  • 1491475851

    Book Review Of 25 Years Later: The Largest Industrial Disasters With Hazardous Material By Ir. C.m. Pietersen, Published By Gelling Publishing Co. Po Box 249, 2910 Ae Nieuwerkerk Aan Den Ijssel, The Netherlands. Isbn 978-90-78440-42-0.

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  • 1485497279

    Disaster Risk Reduction: Cases From Urban Africa

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